Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Production Journal #1

WALT: record and share our thoughts. Text type: Diary
Success Criteria
Self assessment
Buddy Assessment
Teacher Assessment
Introduce yourself and your role “Dear Diary...”

Honest thoughts and feelings at the time

Likes and dislikes

Expression / Personality (sounds like you)

Date plus optional title for each entry

Actions from practice and performance

Great examples here: Link

Dear Journal , let me introduce myself. My name is Zach and my role in the production is kid 12  So far I am looking forward to get to perform on a big stage for a wonderful show for everyone should come along now that is a enough of that i am so happy to be in Miss Hills group I have 3 parts in the production.
Dear Journal , hey me again here writing on you now when we had practise yesterday we had so much fun in room 5.

Thursday 21st
we had a long boring day in the hall that is really the end we did.

Tuesday 26th
Well today I had two parts two parts yeah. It was a so so so FUN! but if I had to say my favorite part it would be the…

whale in the seven whales.

Wednesday 3 September
well today is the last day but last night was one of the best nights I had the night of my life because I had Bens part as well as mine.


  1. Fantastic start to your journal, Zach. I like how you talk to the reader and include your feelings.

    1. Can't wait for your new entries, Zach. Especially covering two roles!