Friday, September 12, 2014

optimist yachting

Jacob Matilda & I were working on stuff about optimist yachting
1. Before you go yachting make sure you have done the safety check list. You need to make sure the 1 buoyancy tanks are screwed in place otherwise if your boat capsizes it will sink. The mast clip has to be secured with figure 8 knots they will need to be tied to the sprit rope, main sheet and kicker rope as well. Also do not forget to check the rudder is clipped in place.

2.  An important safety rule is to wear a properly fitted life jacket so if you get tipped over the side you stay safe on the water.

3. Sometimes you need to move around in the boat to balance to stop the wind tipping it over

4.They have no brakes yacht slow down and even stop simply steer the front (bow) of the boat so it is pointing into the wind, then let go of the mainsheet rope.

5. With all this traffic around it is really important that you always watch where you are steering so you and others can stay safe so it will be a fun time on the water

6. This area also has a sand bar which you can get stuck on so make sure you don’t go out beyond the last buoy you will be in trouble

7.  Come back to shore immediately.If you are in trouble on the water call, “Help,” out loud and wave your arm or arms above your head.

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  1. Well done Zach.
    I learnt a lot from that.
    Awesome work.