Tuesday, November 04, 2014


How did I get here?  Did the lake drain out? I thought it was rocky. I`d better try to get home.  After  hours of endless walking I found a small hut near the lake. hopefully I knocked on the and the door and it just fell down. Rotten and rusted. I stepped into the hut.  It creaked and groaned spookily.  I saw a little blob of jelly and a mouldy banana. I flicked the switch, boom! pop! click! yay they work, thats good.

As I creep upstairs they are creaking like mad.  Pop!, boom! click! goes the upstairs lights.  Yay a bed. I will get home tomorrow. Where's my phone?  As I walked around I found a tin full with money!   If I can find my ute I’m saved. Roarr!!  WHAT'S THAT? I think it could be a bear. I peep out the window. IT IS oh no I will have to stay here the night. hopefully  it won't be that bad.

WOOSH WOOSH is that a helicopter? Hello up there can you see me? Yes yes  the helicopter  spirals down to land I get my self together as I run to the helicopter. Wind from the rotor blades blows the hut apart. I’m forced through the air and land bewildered and surprised in a row boat, oar in hand. Can this be real?



  1. Fantastic work Zach. You have inproofed in your writing. There is a lot of detail in it. Keep up the amazing work.