Friday, July 24, 2015

snow on the thermal explorer highway

!WOW! Hurry up Courtney get out of the car it looks so fun I want to play in the snow. ARGH!!! it’s cold “da it is ice” said Brooke. Then when everybody was out of the car we started to walk up the hill then dad said that he should bring the car up a bit closer “ok” we all said when he drove past me and I had a snowball in my hand so I throw it at the car and dad had his window down and I hit him and then it hit my mum seat “HAHA” we all giggled then we stopped at one spot and had a bit of a snowball fight and slide down the hill I made a snow angel and a bit fell down my bum it was so cold I found a snowman and pulled the head off and tryed to start a small avalanche but it did not work I wanted to make yellow snow but there was to many people

it was fun I recommend that next time you should go. but being gloves.
                       (=THE END=)

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  1. I love snow i wish i was there. It is funny how Courtney was been lazy in the car. i like how you write a lot about your story lol.