Monday, August 24, 2015

I am learning to write Persuasively #2

The Learning Intention: I am learning to write Persuasively
The Success Criteria:How I can achieve this
  1. State your opinion in the Introduction  and who is your audience
  2. Give 3 detailed reasons to support your opinion. One reason per paragraph
  3. Try to give facts or statistics to support your reasons.
  4. Use emotive and persuasive language.
  5. Go the progression on the writing wall to check where you are at with writing persuasively.
  6. Assess what you are doing well. Reflect and action what your next step is
         stop cutting down trees
dear department of conservation
It has come to my attention that to many trees are suffering. I think that lumberjacks urgently need decrease cutting down trees.

Firstly, there is to many logging trucks taking 2 loads full of logs and I disapprove.

secondly,the trucks are polluting the world so it stops the air more than one way the other trees make oxygen that we can breath.

Thirdly, you are taking birds houses away. before a tree is cut down they should check if there are eggs before you start cutting down a tree
these are my three reasons why cutting down a tree is bad for the environment.

BY: Zach.

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