Thursday, August 13, 2015

Persuasively writing

The Learning Intention: I am learning to write Persuasively
The Success Criteria:How I can achieve this
  1. State your opinion in the Introduction  and who is your audience
  2. Give 3 detailed reasons to support your opinion. One reason per paragraph
  3. Try to give facts or statistics to support your reasons.
  4. Use emotive and persuasive language.
  5. Go the progression on the writing wall to check where you are at with writing persuasively.
  6. Assess what you are doing well. Reflect and action what your next step is

           why it’s so bad to have a supermarket next door

Parkvale school Is outraged about the rumor of a Supermarket coming next door. We demand that the council says no to the idea.

Firstly, The litter like plastic bags, receipt paper will be blown tru. Mr Rowe already has heaps of rubbish that kids leave he doesn't need more.

And we will lose our rugby field that is special to Miss paki and the whole school.

Secondly, The noise from delivery trucks and while they are building it will disturb the Parkvale school students we really disapprove.

Thirdly, The traffic levels will rise it's hard enough to get out of howard street and it's not far to go get food once a week also if you one thing there's a four square down the road.

In my opinion, I think that a supermarket next door is a terrible idea and you the guy that wants it built you are the kid fun killer.

from the kind parkvale student Zach Hatton

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